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Sole Halal Certification body in India which is recognized by all Major Halal Certification Authorities of the world like JAKIM (Malaysia) SANHA (south Africa)and IFANCA (USA) etc.
Procedure for Obtaining Halal Registration Certificate

Halal Certification Procedure is completed in two steps.

Step one : Fulfilling Pre Audit Requirements

For the Registration of the Company/ Firm with Halal Committee JUM the following Criterias are needed to be completed before the actual onsite audit by JUM.

Criteria 1:- fill up the Format-A and Format-B (forms are available on the website) on the company letter head, duly signed & stamped   by the authorized person.


Format-A is the information about the Organization/ Company.

Format-B gives details about the Product. The product information should be provided in individual Format. Each & Every information about the product should be covered in the individual Format-B as.
a. All the details of the ingredient(s) (major, minor, trace, catalyst , additives ) has to be mentioned in the format-B as the content of the Product.

1. Production Flow Chart of each individual Product with relevant information duly stamped and signed.

2. Affidavit on Non Judicial stamp paper Rs.100=00, assuring that all the information furnished to JUM is complete to the subject and is true, which has to be duly notarized before submission.

3. Registration fee in the form of DD/Cheque in favor of JAMIAT ULAMA HALAL FOUNDATION by payable at Mumbai

Step Two : Plant Audit / Inspection

After complete study and review of the documents submitted by the company, JUM will issue date of audit with the mutual consent.

Two Auditors from Halal Committee JUM will visit the plant to assess online production activities referring the information furnished in the Format-B .Hygiene level in the processing area and storage of raw material ,finished product and the personnel hygiene will also be checked as a part of the audit.

During audit/inspection the plant has to provide Criteria of acceptance of raw materials (ingredients), Certificate of Analysis and Halal Certificate of individual ingredient. For ingredients sourced from overseas manufacturer Halal Certificate for the ingredient from Halal Body of the country of origin is mandatory. The audit team reserves the right to ask any relevant information concerning the ingredients, processing conditions/parameters and the products.

Report will be prepared after completion of the audit, signed by both the parties.

File will be maintained at the plant with a copy of the papers furnished, copies of all correspondence with Jamiat Ulama E Maharashtra and other related documents. The file will be titled as HALAL FILE.

Audit Expenses: Audit/ Inspection expenses will be borne by the company seeking Halal Certificate. The expenses will include.

Traveling allowance: in case the distance of the plant is more than Two hundred Km. the company has to arrange return air tickets to Mumbai from the current location of the auditors (two persons) else the local transportation has be provided by company.

Accommodation charges: - Company has to arrange the accommodation in a justified Hotel or Guest house in two separate rooms and meal expenses during the traveling period has to be provided by the company.

payment has to be done in the form of DD/Cheque and no cash payment will be accepted.

Step Three :

The Technical Committee review the documents submitted by the company and the audit report submitted by the auditors .The Technical Advisor give its opinion on the audit findings which further discussed Sharia committee if requires in critical cases for their opinion .

If the company and the product(s) fulfill the criteria set by JUM then the Halal Certificate is issued within fifteen working days.

The issued Certificate will be Valid for the period of one year and thereafter the company has to apply for its renewal one month before the validity expires. Based on the availability of the date JUM will give the audit program..

General Procedure – Halal Committee, Jamiat Ulama – E – Maharashtra, India.

Halal Committee

Jamiat Ulama e Maharashtra

“Jamiat Halal Welfare Society “

Registered under “The Bombay Public Trust Act 1950” No F-42109

Halal Services



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