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Sole Halal Certification body in India which is recognized by all Major Halal Certification Authorities of the world like JAKIM (Malaysia) SANHA (south Africa)and IFANCA (USA) etc.
Benefits of Halal Certificate

For a consumer, knowing, a particular product is Halal Certified, ensures that they can purchase the product with a trust that it is devoid of anything which not permissible as per sharia Law i.e. Haram or Doubtful..

And is Halal for them
Apart from the consumers, there are numerous benefits for the manufacturers too:

1. Quality assurance: The Halal Committee - JUM reviews their products, the ingredients used in it, the processing, and hygiene in the processing unit and sanitation procedures that serves as a quality assurance step which in turn is valued by the consumer. The above procedures are carried out strictly in a confidential manner, ruling out the concern of the competition carried about the products.

2. Easy implementation: Halal products are manufactured according to a documented procedure, which has been developed by Halal Committee - JUM and is consistent with HAACP and other quality control Standards. Easy implementation is another advantage. Thus Halal Committee - JUM works in co- ordination with the producers to make sure that Halal procedure pattern are included in the standard operating procedures.

3. Knowledge transformation: Halal Committee - JUM provides training on various concepts on Halal to key personal in order to impart expertise in the methods of production

4. Consultation :

Companies are provided with free Consultation on product development, marketing and quality assurance to help to identify new products for the Halal Consumers in the industry soon as the product fulfills the requirement for Halal Certification a Certificate is issued. The Halal Committee - JUM's Halal Certificate has worldwide acceptance and our Halal Certified products have definitely satisfied consumers worldwide.

Once a retail product is Halal Certified, the company is permitted to display the Halal Committee - JUM logo on the product packaging, which assures that the product, is an authentic Halal certified and has met the Halal parameters set based on sharia law.

The halal certified company and its products are enlisted on our website, thus simplifying the search for Halal products.

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